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5 Bad Kid: Light Yagami – Passing Mention

5 Bad Kid: Light Yagami – Passing Mention

White Yagami’s whole lifetime is actually predicated on himself. He’s got individuals conned with his pretense out of handling those people around your, as well as their a few girlfriends – Misa Amane and you can Kiyomi Takada. Light wants Kiyomi. No less than, you to definitely what he renders the lady trust in advance of destroying their regarding for the latest benefit off covering up their turn in an outbreak off bulk murdering. At the same time, Misa intends to do whichever White says if perhaps he will become her boyfriend.

His pretenses, pretending, and you may manipulation experience let you know how he could be a selfish person who may have aside to damage the country. Some individuals are supposed to be by yourself, and you may White Yagami is certainly among them.

cuatro Most readily useful Man: Shin Wolford – Smart People’s Grandchild

Exactly who will not love certain step through its romance? And no, not too sorts of step – get the venture out of the gutter! Shin Wolford ‘s the 2nd becoming more popular magician together with vitality off exhaustion and you will capability to carry out the fresh magic. His procedures within the magic was bizarre, but his consideration and interest toward Sizilien “Sicily” Claude generate your match the conventional requirements out of greatest boyfriend question.

Men that is with the capacity of protecting those the guy likes and you may cherishes, Shin is quick for taking precautionary measures having Sicily’s shelter for every single time it deal with a different danger. Often, there is no greater work off like than just whatever flow from regarding coverage.

step 3 Poor Boy: Masamune Gotou – March Comes in Like A great Lion

Masamune Gotou are a center-aged elite group shogi member, spouse, and you may sweetheart. You read that proper: His wonders partner Kyouko is half his decades. The latest awful pieces? His blatant forget having their hospitalized girlfriend, and the disrespect and you can insults the guy leaves in the Kyouko. Not merely are the guy verbally abusive, but the guy along with appear to moves their. It creates one ponder exactly how he’s a girlfriend, let alone a secret mate into the method the guy snacks ladies.

Which have a great grumpy appearing face such as for example his, it’s a wonder exactly how he had been able to snatch the brand new affections off a younger female. They are definitely not date neither partner question together with his mistreatment and you can choices.

dos Best Child: Takeo Gouda – My personal Love Story !!

Takeo Gouda try best healthful boyfriend standing. The guy likes like, however, does not believe even in his wildest goals he carry out snag a woman because the lovable and you will careful as the Rinko Yamato. His generosity and fuel try relied upon regarding the let you know, and therefore lends to their affable and you can selfless character. Rinko are first when you look at the Takeo’s attention early morning, noon, and you will nights. It’s his first love, and then he wishes that which you are ideal for both. Takeo was sweetheart question of these that have a sweet enamel, because he could be exactly that nice.

1 Poor Kid: Makoto Itou – University days

Among worst boyfriends are Makato Itou whoever main goal is to find put whenever you can, regardless of their lover’s thinking. If you’re which is nothing as well shocking, what is actually terrible was his capability to spout lies and you will rubbish regarding commitment and you may partnership. That it heartbreaking like story began while the a romance triangle you to finished right up because a good harem.

Makoto’s girlfriend try bullied, yet the guy hacks on her with those bullies. His test at as wing zoeken a beneficial harem king backfires when their lifetime try taken because of the hands of one out-of his very-entitled partners.

Kuromi (???, Kuromi) are My Melody’s competition, who’s a white rabbit otherwise imp-for example animal using a black colored jester’s hat that have a green skull into the front side and you may a black colored devil’s tail. The skull’s facial expression changes to suit Kuromi’s feeling. Fittingly, her birthday was Halloween (e means away from Japanese so you can English just like the “chrome.”

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