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Ogranic Invert Sugar Syrup

Bee Elixir – 100% Organic Sugar Bee Syrup

Bee Elixir, An all-Organic High Fructose Probiotic Bee Syrup made from organic sugar for bee’s all along winters. Bee Elixir is a ready to use Syrup & has highest digestibility score syrup for Bee’s Health.



Our High Fructose Formula is highly digestible syrup, lowest energy required by bees to digest this syrup and is best suited for honey bee health as honey bees have evolved to thrive on a high fructose diet.

Advantages of feeding Bee Elixir 100% Organic Bee Syrup

  1. Bee Elixir is ready & easy to use and does not require any mixing of water. The product also guarantees a long shelf life of 3 years when unopened.
  2. Bee Elixir is extremely Low on HMF below detectable limits of 1.5mg/kg.
  3. Bee Elixir keeps Bee health intact in every Bee Colony. Low HMF plays a vital role in Gut Health, helps with better immune system, and helps sluggish bees to perform well, both adult bees and developing larvae.
  4. Contains Only Sugar: – Bee Elixir is made using only sugar that the bee can fully utilize, unlike comparable bee feed syrups based on wheat or corn.

High on fructose: Our High Fructose formula is best suited for honey bee health as honey bees have evolved to thrive on high-fructose

When to Use Bee Elixir

The Product is perfect for all the year around feeding.

Feeding your bees with Bee Elixir

It is recommended to make 2 holes (approx. 1 mm diameter search) on the Tray cover pack and place it on the Hive Frames.


The sealed packets should be kept in Cool and Dry place, at constant temperatures between 10 °C and 20 °C.

Product Specification: 

Product Name – Bee Elixir

Product Category – Organic Invert Sugar Syrup.


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